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When the economy is making all of us nervous, we start looking for ways

Here are the tools that help you close more sales by utilizing your current tricks and contacts, i.e. without investing more in marketing:

1. Make the Most of Your Product Demos

Product demos are the most powerful sales tools. But they are also the most challenging tools because they often require design skills and live presentations. The result is often unpredictable making it difficult to identify what went wrong with different prospects and how to improve your process.

Walnut is an innovative tool that helps sales reps create personalized and interactive product demos that close deals.

Its key features include:

  • Create personalized and engaging product demonstrations for each prospect.
  • Put together ready-to-go product demo templates by use case that are quick to reuse and publicize.
  • Guide prospects easily with interactive annotations.
  • Use built-in analytics to identify what works well and where you are losing sales.
  • Work faster by integrating all your demo data with your CRM.